[Announcement] Ask Katalon Anything - Sep 6 to Sep 22, 2023 💬

You are all invited to join us in our upcoming Ask Katalon Anything session from 2023-09-05T23:00:00Z to 2023-09-15T16:59:00Z. Feel free to ask our Product team members about anything related to the Katalon Platform’s development roadmap, upcoming features in the work, best practices when working with Katalon, and more.

Stay tune! :wink:


Here are just a few questions…

What is the format of the AMA?

Where is it happening?

Do you need questions posted in advance? Where? Here in this thread?


Hi Russ,

Thanks for your questions!

Regarding the format and location of the AKA session, it will be a public thread hosted here on our forum, similar to the last AKA session below.

Please feel free to detail your questions here, we will collect them and answer them during the week of the AKA session. :+1:


Here is a sneak peak of who from our Product team is going to join AKA next week!

Again, if you have already had some questions lined up in your head then feel free to detail them in this thread, and our Associate Product Manager will help you to answer then next week.

See you then :wink:


Only one day left, are you excited? :star_struck:

Be sure to leave your questions in this thread and our Product team members will help you to answer them from tomorrow :+1:


Hi folks,

Our AKA session is now live! :partying_face:

Chime in below :point_down:

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Hi folks, :wave:

We have decided to extend Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) until next Friday 2023-09-22T16:59:00Z so that you will have more time to submit your questions to our Associate Product Managers! Please keep 'em coming! :sunglasses:

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