"Your trial has expired" while having available KRE licences


We can no longer run our katalon test using katalon docker image while not having change a thing.

We pass api key as an cli argument to the image (not changed for 2 years)

INFO: Katalon Version: 7.8.2
INFO: Command-line arguments: --propertiesFile=/katalon/console.properties -projectPath=. - 
apiKey=******** -testSuiteCollectionPath=Test Suites/TNR

And here is the error log:

Katalon TestOps: Unexpected response, URL: https://analytics.katalon.com/api/v1/license-keys/activate? machineKey=60b9b7d6ac96898c0b1f3e17385affe7&ksVersion=7.8.2&email&organizationId=&sessionId=453f5239-169a-4688-8b07-6524e184530b&hostname=546ec76f1c73&package=FLOATING_ENGINE, Status: 400, Response: {"timestamp":"2021-03-18T08:26:17.481+0000","status":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Your trial has expired. Please subscribe to continue using Katalon Runtime Engine."

License-wise, our organization have 3 active KRE floating licenses and my user (whose api key we use) is a member of the organization. As you can see below failed attempt are logged in as licence usage.


Any help would be welcome !

It is preventing us from executing test on our ci platforms while still paying 3 Runtime engine licences


any input?

Issue is resolved since this morning, without any changes from our part.

It would still be great to have an explanation on why this occured, for futur references.

Thanks !

Hello, we seem to be having the very same issue at the moment since Yesterday.