Katalon RE license - Unable to run tests on build server

We have one license for katalon RE and activated it on the build server.
We are getting an error when we try to run the tests.
Attached a screenshot.

Hi @Lisa_Todesco

It appears that your machine quota for KRE has exceeded. You can check your machine quota by login to TestOps > Organization > License > Runtime Engine. Please remove all registered machines and try again.

Hi Anhqle,
Thanks for your response. I had deactivated all machines and then tried to run it from a single machine but I got told I had exceeded the quota of licenses. How long does it take for the deactiviation to occur?

I also noticed the API key I see in Katalon TestOps is different to the API key that gets generated when the CMD property is used. Why is this? And which one is correct?



Could you provide some screenshot or error log? The process of machine deactivation should not take a long time. In case the message you get is “License quota exceeded”, please check if you have any available license at that time.

About the API key, Katalon Studio will automatically acquire one based on the account you use for activation. Please make sure accounts on Katalon TestOps and Katalon Studio are the same.

HI, we are still not able to run our tests from our build server.
we have no other machines registered to run tests via the cmd line.
please let us know why we keep getting offline activation failed.

screenshot -


Hello, we’re getting this error but it seems that this is related to the fact that we use a different UNIX username. Is it not allowed to run KRE as two different users on the same Linux machine?

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