Why does Katalon not store changes to git branches separately on my local hard drive?

Hello! First time poster. I’ve written automated tests through IntelliJ in the past and have found myself stumbling around a bit with Katalon. I have my github repo connected to KSE and can push / pull changes successfully. Today I tried switching between local branches in KSE and noticed they’re all identical, when in reality the remote branches are not. Then I checked my local drive and noticed it doesn’t seem like Katalon is storing anything unique to the local branches themselves, just that they have different names. I’d like to be able to toggle between local branches in Katalon and see different features / scripts etc that are representative of remote. How do I set this up?

It seems that you expect Katalon Studio to write something in the C:\Users\Chris O'Neal\Katalon Studio\QA-Automation\.git\branches folder.

That is your misunderstanding about Git. The .git/branches folder has been already “slightly-deprecated”, not used any longer, but still might be created for historical reason. Local branches are stored in the .git/refs/heads folder, as you found. I believe that KS is using Git just appropriately.

See the following post for more info

Thanks for the link. Is there a way to switch between local branches in Katalon and effectively work on different portions of code?

For example:

  • My remote main branch has features ABCD
  • Branch 1 has features AB, and I started working on feature E
  • Branch 2 has features CD
  • Regardless of which local branch I select in Katalon, I see features ABCDE.

See this:

Your description does not make a good sense to me.

Let me assume you started with cloning the remote “main” branch with codes A, B, C, D into your local PC.

  1. you have got a local branch “main” with codes A, B, C, D.

  2. then you create a branch “branch1” from the “main”. The “branch1” will contain all codes of A, B, C, D.

  3. You may change A -> A’, and B -> B’.

  4. in the “branch1”, you may add a code E.

  5. then in the “branch1”, you will have code A’, B’, C, D and E. you want to commit all the changes into the “branch1”.

  6. if you checkout the “main”, you will see the code A, B, C, D. But you would not find A’, B’, E.

  7. You may checkout the “branch1”. Then you will find A’, B’, C, D and E again.

I guess, this “branch1” is what you want. Am I right?

I guess you can close the topic. Katalon doesn’t operate seamlessly for me in checking out other branches. I’m having to commit changes for my current feature branch A, fetch changes from the remote, checkout feature branch B, quit Katalon, and then after I open it back up it actually shows me branch B. It works it’s just not the way an IDE should work.

You don’t think this is the way how IDE should work.

I would disagree. I do not understand why you think so.

Anyway I would close this.