How to stash git changes using Katalon studio?

my understanding is, Katalon uses Eclipse’s feature in terms of git integration. How do I stash my changes in local branch ? I do not find that feature in Katalon

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Eclipse provides “Git repository view” where you can use git stash. See the following article:

On the other hand, Katalon Studio does not provide the “Git repository view”. Therefore, I suppose, you can not do git stash in Katalon Studio.

The git stash command is, in a sence, an advanced command. I suppose that Katalon developer thought that usual Katalon Studio users wouldn’t require git stash.

However, you can solve it. Install Git for Windows into your windows PC. You can do all git operations in the commandline. Open the “Git Bash” app, cd to the directory of your Katlaon project, and do $ git status, $ git log, … any git command you can execute.