Weekly Katalon FAQs (5): Katalon Community Navigation

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16. What is the Katalon Community?
17. How can I take advantage of the Katalon Community Forums and Content?
18. What can I find in the Katalon Community Forums?
19. Where can I get to know how to use the Katalon Community?

16. What is the Katalon Community?

The Katalon Community is our external collaboration platform for Katalon prospects, customers, partners, employees and experts. Essentially anyone interested in Katalon products or general testing.

17. How can I take advantage of the Katalon Community Forums and Content?

You can search and visit our discussion forums for:

  • Discussions regarding product or industry related issues, code sharing, integrations and more.

  • You may Leave reviews or bug reports for Katalon products

  • If your an expert you can help others by sharing your ideas or solutions for their questions

<> How to get support for your issues:

  • Scan through the Forum discussion category for similar issues

  • Search for the keywords or use relevant tags

  • In case you cannot find the similar issues, hit the Ask the Community button and get the answers from others.

<> Note: If you are a Katalon paid user, you can get support directly from Katalon customer service by raising tickets on Katalon Helpdesk Portal.

18. What can I find in the Katalon Community?

Here is some of the content you can find in our community:

  • Katalon users’ issues and solutions provided by community members or Katalon staff

  • Updates for Katalon products

  • Links to events, webinars and training resources

  • General Product and Industry related discussions and trending information

Also, we invite you to visit these informative and helpful categories:

  • The Announcements and Updates category for receiving the latest updates on our products and events

  • The Feedback & Reviews category for leaving constructive feedback on Katalon products, and even the forum itself, and requests for new features

  • The Industry Trends category will come to our door soon as a hub for industry discussions

19. Is there a guide on how to use the Katalon Community?

Some key pieces of information below may help you with basic onboarding and navigation steps in the Katalon Community:

And now, let’s visit the Katalon Community & Forums and explore helpful information! :partying_face:

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:pushpin: Katalon Community Non-technical FAQs are about common issues besides the technical usage of Katalon products. Those cover such concerns about sign-in, purchase, billing, support, and communications at Katalon user assets.

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