Use of Katalon Studio Standard License

Hi All

I am little confused with License term of Katalon Studio Standard (Free Version) and need your guidance

LICENSE. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Katalon grants you a non-exclusive, nontransferable, non-sublicensable license for you to use Katalon Studio on your Machine during the term of this Agreement for (a) your individual use only on internal test scripting and management operations and (b) test scripting and management operations for your Clients as part of the services you provide to them. *This license is limited to your individual use and not on behalf of any organization

In the above details it is mentioned - “This License is limited to your individual use and not on behalf of any Organization”. What that means? cannot we use this version for automating test cases for the organization we used to work?

We have done some automation in older version and using for our organization. Cannot we run those test cases in Newer Free version (Katalon Studio Standard)?

Please provide proper Guidance

i have also sent email to Katalon - to clarify my doubts but so far no response


We also had this question and did get a response but it wasn’t sufficient for our management. Katalon Studio 7 - Free License

Because of this, we no longer use Katalon.

@Deelip_Kumar_Saxena You ever receive a response?

Hello @Katalon_team,,

any news about request of @Deelip_Kumar_Saxena?