How do I evaluate KS7 Free Version?

How can I install just the free version of Katalon Studio 7? When I install the download it installs a 30 day trial of KSE. I want to be able to test the capabilities of just the free version. Do I really have to wait for 30 days and then use the free version downgraded?

Please activate it using a non-work email.

@devalex88 does this mean that the free version is no longer available for commercial/business use? If I can’t activate it using my work email I would understand that the free version is no longer available for work. This is a question that needs an answer soon because in the case of an Audit it could cause me/us problems.
Thank you.

If you want to use work email, you have to wait until 30-day trial period passes - after that KSE-only features will be disabled automatically.

Or you can PM me your email and I will end your trial period.

Thanks for your response.
But @devalex88 as I see in the Katalon homepage and the attached screenshot I understand that the free version is for “Individuals” for “personal use”.
Is there a place on the official Katalon page that states otherwise? Is there anywhere written that free version can be also used by professionals/businesses?
It is very confusing that the information is changed almost on a daily basis making us feel unstable and insecure about the licensing status. I need to know if I have to start getting approvals to buy license or not.
Thanks in advance.

@cristian.ivanescu you can use Katalon Studio for commercial purpose. Here is the response from my team:

We don’t have any place on Katalon website to state otherwise as it’s how we envision the usage of KS free for individual and KSE for team and how their future development will be segmented.

I informed the marketing team about the confusing use of the term “personal” on the pricing page and they will update it soon as the definition of personal vs. professional is subjective case by case.

I believe the whole idea of presenting that sentence is to give you a sense of the “profiling” of the packages and with the trial, we want all users to have a chance to test out which package is suitable for them.

The free trial finally expired. I could not install with a different email since there is either a registry key or some hidden config record on my machine. I downloaded the ver 7 files in other folders but it just used my original authentication. Another weird thing is that the last few days of the trial it would always say that it was going to expire an hour after I loaded the Help>About screen.

It did that next hour thing for the last two days, then finally expired today.

Hi @devalex88,

Would you mind to terminate my Katalon trial period, so that i can had a chance to evaluate the available feature in KS 7 Free?