Online Activation for Katalon 6.0.6 Build 4


I am using Katalon Studio 6.0.6 Build 4 on my 2 machines. today i tried to use on another machine and getting activation error. it says. email or password is invalid

I reset the password on katalon web site and able to login on that site but still getting error message with new password

please suggest. below is the screen shot


The good news is that the 2 machines you alredy
activated it’ll still working, but the news one not, because the turn off the server for free old version for new activation.

So they will allow to activate new free version 7.0, right??

Yes, but from the version you only have 30 days of free trial, after that you’ll have to pay.

Why to Pay… Per my understanding, there are 2 version of Katalon - Katalon Studio 7 and Katalon Studio Enterprise

We will have to pay only for Katalon Studio Enterprise and not Katalon Studio Standard, correct?

I wanted to use Free version and Enterprise. please advice

please respond


Hi there,

You don’t have to pay to use the free version. After 30 days of trial of KSE it will revert to a free KS version if a payment is not made.

Thanks ThanhTo for your response!!

do you see any issue using free version 7.0 for our already automated test cases for our company?

Hi @Deelip_Kumar_Saxena

KSE provides more advanced features for developing automated test cases and RE provides the ability to execute tests in console mode.

For already automated test cases, you would want to purchase RE licenses to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline, since KS (both free and Enterprise) does not support console execution.

Hi ThanhTo

Agree RE is not available free for both edition but my question is, if we do not want to use console mode for execution or CI/CD integration then we will not have issue with free version, right??

Also, i am confused with below sentence which is given in licensing agreement. what this means? please help to understand

“This license is limited to your individual use and not on behalf of any organization”

The free version is not intended for business and companies. It is for students, researchers or freelancers who can’t afford the Enterprise license. If you use Katalon for your company testing projects, you must use the Enterprise version.

Hi ThanhTo

thanks for your response!

But it is surprise to hear that this cannot be used for business and companies. it is not mentioned clearly in the licensing guide which has created confusion

i wanted this confirmation from Katalon. how can i get that confirmation?

This is really a concern for us and we need to decide whether we should go with Katalon or not. it does not benefit to use even if it is free, right??


Hi @Deelip_Kumar_Saxena

You can send an inquiry to to receive a formal response.

Thanks Thanh!

already sent email 2 days back but so far no response!!