Katalon Studio 7 - Free License

Under the license section " KATALON STUDIO STANDARD LICENSE TERMS" it states, “This license is limited to your individual use and not on behalf of any organization.” Does this mean The Katalon Studio Free License can no longer be used within our company?

No. It means it’s licensed to you, personally. There’s no accounting for you and your organization. You’re no longer using “Enterprise”, that’s all.

(@ThanhTo - does that about cover it?)

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What does “accounting” mean? As in Katalon isn’t libel for any misuse within our enterprise?

It’s just a word. I’m not your legal counsel. I don’t represent Katalon - or you, for that matter.

I called out to @ThanhTo and he liked my post. What does that tell you?

Just register with your personal email and move on.