Katalon Studio Licensing

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I am using Katalon for last 1.5 years. I see that the Katalon has come up with 3 different licences, Trial, Paid and Free. If i have decided to use free license then would i get all the features i am using now?


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I have a quetion.

Notes: KSE and KRE trial licenses can only be registered with business emails.

In here, what do you mean by saying “business email”?

How do you distinguish a email address being business one or non business?



Just want to confirm the following.
My current test repo, because I am running it in console mode, is not going to work any longer?

I started with version 5.x and sadly might need to jump off the tool due to this?

That is right.
I think this will still not block test development and execution through studio. But will affect/block command line execution on the same box or remote execution via Jenkins per say.

I am basically dead then. :slight_smile: don’t mind paying, but I am now going to look like a fool at the next exco cause I had to fight off service providers and their proposed tools. :slight_smile:

Yeah seems like a lot of features have now been locked behind a paywall. I get they need to make money but I guess a heads up would have been nice.

At least I wasn’t the only one surprised by this. A notification would have been nice and a better error message.

Answering to myself. The following is my current understanding.

Just think its a kind of creepy practice to do it in this way.
They could have at least kept the old version free.
I get they will need funding to support the tool etc, but there are better ways to get people to buy your tool and service.
They proclaimed FREE ALWAYS and many people bought into it. Now that you are “stuck” on it, suddenly you need to pay.
Even Microsoft, IBM or HP do not operate like this
personally, I think that this is a highly unethical move


Ok, the Katalon Team wants big money, well, I’m not going along that path.

Got stuck running cmd execution in version 7, but I will go back to an older version then.
What a bummer and as mentioned earlier: unethical.

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I am using Katalon for last 8 months. Now i am unable login with register user old versions but i am able to login(exist user) Latest version but it is paid vesion KSE 7.2.1 Version.In my current organisation not ready for paid tool( Licences Tool) in market having lot of free tools why you going for paid tool.


This is insane, testers started using it, thinking it will be a free tool considering basic features. But now putting license is unethical.

You are right…this tool is no more a free version tool.Just after launching the application it’s prompting the license and not allowing the user to make a tour around that app

It appears that I am no longer able to use my Katalon Studio. It would have been better if some kind of warning came out that spoke of a date when the product would no longer being free even for older versions and therefore no longer be available.

Hi Team,

I was able to use Katalon last week by 03/27. After that, when I opened the app, it just hung there with the “Activating” message. Today, I downloaded the latest version, I was able to open the app the first time after installing it, open my project and run some test cases. Then when I closed it, I said “Yes” for store whatever it said on the message. Then I opened the app again and the “Activating” message showed up and I am unable to use Katalon anymore.
Please help what I can do. Thanks,

Hi @trangbui

Could you try to restart the machine to see if it works ? We are investigating this issue at the moment.

Thanks, Thanh. It works for me today. I will also observe the issue and will keep you posted.


This activation issue is fixed in version 7.3.1. Please download here.


Is Katalon studio is free or it is a paid , from Katalon version 7.
please suggest us.