Update Test case name in the report in run time

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We are using data source to iterate a single test case multiple times. Where as each data set is different test case, But we are unable to show case the test case name. Where as katalon test case name is a common script name for the whole set of functionality.

Please refer below thread for additional information:


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Any update on above feature request?. We have many test cases with DDT approach and we want to see the unique test name in report file. Test name should be automatically updated at run time by either reading data from data file or by using some parameters in test name itself. Can you please prioritize this feature implementation.

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This feature is selected for development and soon be delivered in the next releases. Please stay tuned.


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Glad to have you comment on this, is it possible to have a quick 30min call to discuss on this matter? I’ll definitely help with the final solution.

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Any updates on when this feature will be available?

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