Dynamic test case naming

We use test cases as a representation of the user flow and excel data files to handle the varying input.
for a login test case we can use many different combinations that represent the specific “business” test case.
For that reason in the reports its very difficult to understand what tests fail because they all use the same “katalon test case” name but with different data.

Is there a way to change the test name dynamically according to the data it takes as input for each run in the test suit? or at least have a way to modify the reports generated in katalon?

Hi @daniel.andargie

There is currently no way to change the name of the Test Case at run-time.

Regarding changing the report, the Basic Report plugin is open-sourced. You can try to read the source code to figure a way to customize the report to your needs.

Additionally, sometimes ago I wrote a Sample Report Plugin showing how you can generate a simple report by writing a Custom Keyword Plugin.

I don’t know if the precise use case you’re asking for can be achieved this way, but by all means do try to figure out.

Hope that helps !


If all the combinations are saved in Excel, how about you add one or more extra columns?
Eg a column called ‘scenario’ has a brief summary. Or a column named ‘Test Case’ where each row has a unique TC number?
In the test case, get the value and do a println at the start of each iteration. This wouldn’t give you a new test case name but it could give you a summary within the test case. Just a thought

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Its a nice workaround, the thing is We want to see in the report the what cases failed exactly.
now we see:
test case login : pass
test case login : fail
test case login : pass
test case login : fail
test case login : pass

We need to click on each run to see exactly what scenario failed…

another solution is to create new test case for each scenario but I’m not sure its best practice to copy the same test case for each input…

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