While running Test Suite, set each test name from Data Excel

Hi All,

I am running a Test Suite which uses Data Driven Testing. I have an excel, for each row I call a test case.

In excel my row is like below:
S#|Test Case Name | Input | Expected Output
1| Test Case 1 | 1
| 2

2| Test Case 2| 2 | 2

In my test reports, I want that each run should be called by Test Cases Name. So, first row should be called Test Case 1, second should be called Test Case 2 in above example.

Please advise on how to achieve this. Thanks.

while running test suite set each test name from data excel

I don’t think it is achievable.

A Test Suite can have a fixed set of predefined Test Cases with fixed names in a fixed sequence. A Test Suite can not be dynamic at all.

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Do you know a keyword WebUI.callTestCase()

This allows a Test Case to call other Test Cases. Your “Caller Test Case” can dynamically compose a set of callee Test Cases using WebUI.callTestCase().

However, you may find this approach unsatisfactory when you see the reports and error messages. From the reporting and diagnostics point of view, Katalon Studio only knows the name of the caller Test Case. All of the callee modules are not visible. The names of callee modules will never appear in the test report at all.