Update Test Case name in the Test report runtime

Hi Team,

We have a scenario to run the same test case with multiple sets of data. Where as report comes as shown below. Here, CreateUser has come twice we wanted to know which data has failed?


We are unable to identify the differentiation of which data has been failed.
Any help would be really appreciable.


If you open up the log of that test is there no indication of the data used? Im not implying there will be just curious.

Yes but my client wanted to see that in the title itself… We are retrieving the data in json format, extracting the loop specification is easy. Not sure how to update that in title :frowning:

Im not sure either @Russ_Thomas @devalex88 - Are you aware of anyway. This topic may need to move to improvements if not :slight_smile:

Not sure. The only way I know is to write your own reporting system. @devalex88 did say a while back a new reporting system was planned (similar to mine).

@Russ_Thomas @devalex88 @hpulsford

Any options?? can i add this to feature/suggestions.??

Go right ahead. Add a link back to this thread.

Feature request has been placed.