Test case name when running tests based on a data file or database

Al ejecutar una prueba basada en una consulta de base de datos y con los resultados de esto, el mismo caso de prueba se ejecuta varias veces, la salida genera un resultado con el mismo nombre de casos de prueba para todos, por lo que no es imposible determinar qué caso de prueba es el que falla La pregunta es si es posible cambiar el nombre del caso de prueba en tiempo de ejecución.

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When executing a test based on a database query and with the results of this,the same test case is executed several times, the output generates a resultwith the same name of test cases for all, so it is not possible to determinewhich test case is the one that fails.The question is whether it is possible to change the name of the test caseat run time.

Any update on this issue ?

This would also be very helpful to me. I’m trying to run a suite of API tests that all use the same base test, since all I’m changing are a single parameter/value. It would be nice to be able to pass in some “Test Name”, or use the script function to insert a test name before/after each execution so I can more easily identify each test run.


Would be very helpful. The current implementation of data-driven testing makes it problematic to determine which tests (or variable passed in) fails.

i have a large suite of URLS that I test to ensure correct response codes. ideally this would be one test case and a data file, but i found in order to generate easy to digest reports for stakeholders that it was better to create individual tests for each URL (I used custom keywords to reduce code duplication issues).

Has this feature been implemented yet?

We have many test cases with DDT approach and we want to see the unique test name in report file. Test name should be automatically updated at run time by either reading data from data file or by using some parameters in test name itself.

Can you please prioritize this feature implementation.

Hi Rajesh,

We have an update on this in v8.2.0 recently, now each iteration will have data binding indicating section in HTML report.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 8.2.0 (stable).