Unable to save test case


Hi guys,

I have encounter a problem in version after 5.10.x. When I’m trying to change a default value of variable in a test case, the new value does not reflect after i press enter, but when i click in the default value, it reflects. Nor matter how many time i edit the default value in a variable, it still the same. Furthermore, when I’m trying to save the test case, it prompts me error unable to save part. Did you guys encounter this issue?


Are you still having the issue? Can you send me the log file?


yes…i cant save my test case after i change the variable default value.
How could i get the log file for you?log.txt (252.3 KB)


Hi Alan_Chan1

Have you checked if you have full access (read, write, modify, etc.) to the Katalon executable folder, specially to the following path:



I can reproduce the same error.
Just downloaded/extracted a fresh Katalon studio 5.10.1. Create a new project, add new test cast, then add new variable (no other actions)

The whole test case can not be saved unless I delete the variable.
And the Variables(script mode) view seems strange.



Has there been any update here? Im experiencing the same after installing 5.10.1 (linux amd64)

Update, just installed 5.9.0 (linux amd64) same issue.

I can confirm all permissions to the folder and project files are owned and read/writable.