Can't save change of a TestCase Variable by SaveAll button

I am using Katalon Studio 7.1.0 on Windows 10.

I have a test case with a Variable DEBUG_MODE with Boolean type. Sometimes I change its value true → false or false → true, and want to save the change.

Curiously enough, when I click Save All button, the Variables are NOT saved. I have to close the test case in order to let Katalon Studio to save the change.

See the attached screenshot.

This bug has been around forever. If you switch to “Manual” tab, then save, everything will save.

Ah, yes. I seem to remember that I saw this bug early last year. It’s a shame that KS hasn’t fixed this.

this happened because is a lovely bug :smile:
so katalon team don’t want to smash it

I was hoping this fix might have fixed that problem, also.


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