Tests Explorer should auto-refresh

It doesn’t affect much, but I believe Katalon team should have this ticket resolved

Procedure to reproduce problem

  1. Please download the sample project from
  1. Unzip it, open it, find a Test Suite Collection named TSC

  2. Execute TSC

  3. The TSC will create a new folder named out in the project’s directory with some files in it.


When the “out” folder is newly created, the Tests Explorer does not auto-refresh. I can not find “out” in the Test Explorer.

On the other hand, Mac Finder does auto-refresh and displays the added “out” folder without any user intervention.

Why Katalon Studio doesn’t do auto-refresh? Is it possible for me to setup the Tests Explorer to do it?

I know Katalon Studio Tests Explorer provides “Refresh” in the right-click menu. When I do it, usually the display is refreshed and I can find the “out” folder there. However, often the “Refresh” menu does not work. Even if I do “Refresh”, I can not find the “out” folder. (I haven’t found out when and why the “Refresh” menu fails.)

The only way certainly works is to close the project and reopen it. Due to this, I find Katalon Studio is dull.