Nothing Refreshes Project Root folder

I’m trying to refresh my Test Explorer hoping to refresh the files that live directly in my project root folder

Menu -> Project -> Refresh :fail

I can right-click -> Refresh any subfolder, but not the project root. The only way to get it refreshed is to close and re-open the project.

Two things to fix:

  1. Menu -> Project -> Refresh should work.

  2. Add Refresh button to Test Explorer toolbar image


This is still a bug in 7.6.6! Did you ever find a workaround other than restarting Katalon?

No, sorry.

I noticed also another gotcha. Project > Refresh does not refresh the Profiles menu dropdown. You are forced to close and reopen Katalon.

@ThanhTo @duyluong

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The reason I found this is I have a Page Object Model-esque structure to my Katalon Studio project, with Keywords as my page objects. If I change the .groovy files outside of Katalon (hopefully not sacrilege, much prefer editing code using a different IDE if I can) the changes are not made - it’s almost like the previously run structure is kept in memory and ignores the changes.

The refresh actually works for me…but only once. After that it does the above.

I’ve noticed something similar. If I ever copy a project across to a bunch of VMs, some sessions of Katalon notice the changes and ask if I want to update them. Other’s don’t - they either update blindly with no report, or, rarely, don’t update at all.

Whatever they’re using in the Java core for file system watching is flaky at best.

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I know “Refresh” does not work sometimes in every versions including ver 8.1.0.
It looks very unprofessional.

Wow, this is almost two years old.


        That’s a fossil bug :upside_down_face:

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Hi everyone,

This bug was fixed in the latest version, kindly download KS 8.3.0 beta via this link.

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Hi everyone,

The fix has been merged into official version: Katalon Studio 8.3.0.
Please see the Release note for more details.

Happy Testing!
Nam Nguyen.