TestOps -- How to assign a new admin

Our admin has left the company, before he left he added me to the account. He showed me that I was on the accout and I was quite happy that I would be able to allocate licences so that new starters could use Katalon Studio. I can login at admin.katalon.com but I can’t see any licenses to allocate.

It looks as though I’m not actually allocated as an admin to the account (which is puzzling as he showed me my name on the account). Can anyone advise on what to do next, or who I can contact to sort this out?


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Hello Colin, I am coordinating with the internal team to get you an answer. Thank you and we will follow up shortly.

Best, Sara

Hi Colin,

Ownership and admin permission have to be transferred, this could be done via Settings > User Management using the current owner account.

You can see more at https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-analytics/docs/kt_transfer_ownership.html#transfer-ownership-to-an-existing-member.

If the problem is still persisted, please contact us via Helpdesk for swift and further instructions. Thank you.


Also if you are an enterprise customer and need help from the support team you can also go here: https://support.katalon.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406228320409-How-to-contact-the-Katalon-Customer-Support-team- for more help with opening a ticket.

Hope this helps as well.

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