How do i move my KSE license to new system

Our company is upgrading my system to a new laptop. How would I move my KSE license to that machine. Is it possible to make my current KSE license a floating license so that I can use Katalon on any of the machines that I am assigned to work on.

Thank you, Dave


If your KSE license is a node-locked license, and that it hasn’t been converted to an offline license yet, then you can simply go to TestOps page and remove the current machine ID from the registered machines. The next time you activate KSE on another machine, the new machine ID will bind into the license.

If you somehow have converted the license to an offline license, then you’d have to wait until the offline expiration date comes (2 months after converted) until it becomes an online license again, then apply the above procedure.

Hope it helps !

Will check your suggestion.

Hi Thanh,

When I load Katalon TestOps I am not seeing my company listing/details.

The company details were displaying before I updated to Katalon 7.2.2

Our team admin still sees my license info from his view.

Have you seen this before?

If I have our admin remove my license from his view and resend an invite will that re-establish the link?

What are the next steps I need to take?



I think updating to new version does not affect TestOps. If your admin is the one who purchased your licenses, please have him check if your machine ID is added to the list of Registered Users for KSE section.

Hi Thanh,
I am seeing the following from my Katalon TestOps view. I do not appear to have Online/Offline Licenses. Does this mean that if our admin removes my machine from his view i can request the license again from my new laptop?


That isn’t the right place to view information licenses. Please use the following URL, replacing {organizationID} placeholder with your actual organization id.{organizationId}/admin/license_keys/kse

So if your machine has been removed from the license, then your admin can add your machine into the list of Registered Users on his side again, and your machine will be connected to a KSE license.

Thanks Thanh,

I don’t have perms to that page but my admin says he sees my registration/machine id.

Once i move over to the new machine I will get him enable the license for me.

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!


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Hello Thanh,

Another question… How do I change my Katalon Account Email address to my personal email address.I have been searching through the forum and Katalon documentation but have not found any instructions that have worked for me.


I have KSE installed using Node-Locked License.
The KSE activation is using the Offline activation. And plan to remove that existing machine, but I can’t remove that machine directly from TestOps cause it said still valid (
I have manually Deactivate the KSE, but still give me same error.

The license is still active till Jan’22 (
Is there anyway to delete the machine id and continue to using Online Activation?