Help with transferring company ownership

Good day

We have been using the free version up to now. We are now in need of some enterprise studio licenses.

However, the person that signed up for our company account when we started investigating is no longer with us, and he is the owner of the account. This means I cannot buy enterprise licenses, which is what I would very much like to do.

I cannot log a support ticket (as we don’t have an enterprise subscription yet), the sales form on the website doesn’t work, so I’m posting this here hoping somebody from Katalon support will see it and be able to assist me. Or if anybody on this forum has contact information that would help me, I would greatly appreciate that.

Kind regards,
Charl Marais

Hi @charl

I relaid this topic to our business team, they should reach out to you shortly (or you can reach out to them through

Thank you @ThanhTo!