How to test the licensed Katalon account

Our Agency has recently purchased licenses.

And the licensing Dept ( []) have received an email to verify the account as below:

Massachusetts Department Of,
Unverified Katalon accounts will be blocked after 3 days.

Click Verify my account to keep using Katalon tools and receive our starter guide.

How do we register with individual QA User id to get these new accounts validated ?


Thank you for sharing with us. I would like to summarise your request as below:

You already activated your licensed account. You have verified the account and can use it properly now.

Your request: you want us to help you register and verify a new account from your org?

Please advise us the correct scenario. Additionally, you are our paid user, you can raise a support ticket via our Katalon Help Center. Hope this helps!

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You are right. We are paid users. However our QA team is yet to activate the licenses. Can someone help with us ??


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Thank you for your clarification. Yes we are aware of your situation. Our team will reach out to you shortly for the activation.

Hi @jyothi.bobba,

I believe that our team has resolved the problem and you could use our product now. Please let me know if you have any other needs or should I close this thread here. Thank you.