Test case too long

Why Test Case are too long?

How to restore the speed execution of TC?
Since version 7 of KS I noticed that the speed execution are very slowed down.

  • Indeed I have to try to use Katalon Analytics, and saw the info on the doc will probably be the problem.
    But I did not configure it in KS, so why are my TCs still so long?

Can you help me to find the original vitessse.
Tell me what information I can provide to help you diagnose.
Thank you

Hi @jeremie.pichot

Since 7 Katalon Studio includes a smart wait function which attempts to solve Selenium timing issues without any additional script. In the process of waiting it may lengthen your test execution. If your tests have already been set up with your own waiting statements, you can to to Project > Settings > Execution and turn off the Smart Wait Function I think you will regain the speed.

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Thank you very much @ThanhTo, :slight_smile:
It’s works well know.