Test Suite - starts normal speed but then after 30 min or so, speeds up extremelly fast

I’m facing this weird problem since maybe 2 versions ago… and it is becoming a huge issue for us.
It looks like after certain timeframe (30-45 min give or take), the test runs extremely fast causing a lot of my tests to fail cuz the tests moves faster than the page to process. This is becoming a critical issue as tests keeps failing and lots of time goes into debugging the failures and determining real failures vs. test execution issue.

I have SmartWait enabled but that has nothing to do with this.

How do I set a specific test execution speed? Not going to add “delay” after every step then it becomes counterproductive.

How would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

I can continue my job, but it is becoming a challenge and this needs to be resolved. if not, then we would have to choose a different automation solution.

Operating System

  • For example: Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version 8.2

This is unlikely to be a bug – somebody else would have reported the same issue by now.

Let’s take this step by step:

A. What methods do you use to wait for element readiness?

B. Does a specific step in a specific test always fail ? Report back with the error.

In the meantime, try this experiment:

  1. Close Katalon completely
  2. Download a FRESH copy.
  3. Install it separately to the previous version – i.e. do NOT remove the old install.
  4. Run the new install.
  5. Open your project and run your suite.

Let us know if the new install has the same issue. If it does…

  1. Repeat 1-5 on a different machine.

Again, report back with the results.

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Dang… i forgot about this thread.

I updated Katalon version to 8.2 or whichever - the issue is still there…
it’s like the first 30~35 test runs on a normal speed… and then the superspeed picks up causing the tests to go so fast that it fails when objects aren’t ready on the page.

It’s such a weird thing. i didn’t try #3 yet… but i can try to run it in a diff machine… when i get time