Test Execution is very slow - katalon version 7.0.3

any body have same problem for test execution very slow in katalon version 7.0.3


Can you show print with times?
And can you show execution screen? (Projects > Settings > Execution)

in the middle of the execution each step suddenly running on 30s each, any suggestion?

Hi @bhaskara.ikhsan,

Try disable Default Smart Wait in Project > Settings > Execution and execute the test again.

Thanks! It works normal now

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Thanks All, its work, but, my question is, what function for Smart Wait?

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It is to alleviate some of the timing issues of Selenium such that the page isn’t finished loading. More information is here:

The execution may be longer, but it’s due to Smart Wait attempting to wait for the page to be relatively static which otherwise would cause problems such as Clicking on an object fails because it’s not clickable or visible yet.

okey Thanks My bro

Hello folks

Katalon Studio 7.2.5 including an enhancement for SmartWait is available. Please check out our release note and the download link.