[System Update] Katalon TestOps - Dec 20 to Dec 22, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

We have some important updates coming to the Katalon platform designed to make your project management experience in Katalon TestOps™ smoother and more intuitive. Please follow along for more information :point_down:

What’s changing?

In our continuous effort to streamline the management of users and testing activities in Katalon, starting on Dec 20, 2023, we will be removing the “Team Management” feature from Katalon TestOps™ for new organizations created after this date.

Why Are We Making These Changes?

  • Faster Project creation: Now, organization owners can create projects directly, bypassing the need to create teams first.

  • Easier user invitation to Projects: Adding users to projects now is easier and faster. Users in an Organization can now be added directly to Projects without first adding them to a team.

  • Improved project ownership visibility: With this update, organization owners and admins will have visibility of all projects within the Organization. Previously, this level of visibility was limited to Team owners.

What Does This Mean for You?

You would not need to do anything right now. The transition will be smooth and automatic. However, we recommend avoiding scheduling executions during the deployment phase from Jan 20, 2024 to Jan 22, 2024 to prevent any disruptions.

For the organizations which created before Dec 20, 2023, the Team Management function will still be available until further notice.

You may notice temporary slowness when uploading reports to TestOps during the migration. This is temporary and part of the transition process.

Should you encounter any issues during this period, feel free to Create a topic on our forum, or send us an email at: community@katalon.com


You can also check out the page below to get the most up-to-date information about when the maintenance is complete. :point_down: