[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Jan 17, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are excited to announce the first of many of the updates to come to the Katalon Platform in 2024, with the following new features and enhancements:


New features:

  • Project Detail in Project Management: From the new Project Management feature in V2.3.0, the Project detail page is now introduced for Owners and Administrators to dive deep into your projects. This new page allows you to overview the project information and manage the membership.

  • Invite multiple (new) users to a project: To empower the Project roles and boost collaboration among users in the same business, and save the time of going through many steps to add your colleagues to work on the Project, this feature allows the Project roles to invite multiple users to the project. This includes updating the permission of Project roles (who are not allowed to access Organization User Management) to invite new users to the project given that the inviteeโ€™s business domain is the same as that of the Organization Owner.


  • New Project Management for the existing Organizations: From the previous release (V2.3.0 Dec 20, 2023), the new Organizations created from Dec 20, 2023 can experience the new Project Management with the new structure without the Team level. Now, we have extended this functionality and allowed all existing Organizations that were created by Dec 20, 2023 to enjoy the more intuitive user interface, more functionalities, and better user experience while maintaining your current operations and settings.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs


  • We have reintroduced the ZIP upload feature to offer you additional ways to import your tests into TestOps. This reintroduction of the ZIP repository upload includes:
    • The ability to upload a ZIP repository to TestOps.
    • The functionality to view and manage test artifacts from the ZIP repository on TestOps.
    • The capability to execute test artifacts and view your reports from the ZIP repository on TestOps.

Please see the Zip Repositoriy Upload feature in action below:

  • To provide comprehensive support for auto-pushing TestOps reports and test runs to Xray, we now push a ZIP file and PDF reports to Xray. This ZIP file contains all artifacts of the reports, unlike before when we only pushed the PDF reports.


  • [Report Defect Dialog]: We have enhanced the Autocomplete behavior when focusing input.
  • We have fixed NullPointerException in canAutoUpdateJiraIssue to reduce Sentry logs.

:information_source: To view our past releases, simply navigate to our new-release tag, or navigate to our Katalon Community Hub.

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