[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - Dec 13, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are releasing the December 13th 2023 release of the Katalon Platform with the following new features and enhancements.


We have fixed a bug that prevented our users from sharing TestCloud Tunnel with other members within their organization following the release of TestCloud v1.19.1 on Dec 6, 2023


We have shipped some new features :

  • Configure notification to receive real-time TestOps defects updates via the integrated Slack channel.
    • Team members will receive Slack notifications whenever new defects are identified and linked to test results. This ensures timely awareness and enables prompt action for the whole team. Administrators have the flexibility to customize the events that trigger notifications in the Slack channel.

    • In this release, it includes: manual linking by project members or automatic triggering by automation rules. Please refer to our documentation below for more information:

  • Toggle to only view Need Review Test Results to focus on failed tests had not been investigated.
    • Filter the test results with statuses Failed/Error/Incomplete that have not been linked with any defects yet. Please refer to our documentation below for more information:

We have also provided some enhancements :

  • Revamp Jira add-on button behavior and its banner.
    • This helps to avoid misunderstanding that Katalon Integration Plugin for Chrome is a required step, replace the current warning banner by a tooltip when you hover on this button.

:information_source: For a more detailed release note, check out our documentations: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs

:information_source: To see our past releases, simply navigate to the new-release tag, or check out our Katalon Community Hub