[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Oct 11, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are releasing the Oct 11, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform which bring some enhancements as below:


Invite users to team in User Management: This new feature shortens the user invitation flow when the Organization Owner or Admin wants to add their members to a team to work on their projects.

Instead of waiting until the invited users accept the invitation to join an organization via their email and then navigating to the Team Management page to add them to a team, now we support the Organization Owner/Admin to add their member to a team right after inviting them to an organization in the User Management page, saving time for administrative users.

From the invited users’ perspective, they can immediately join a team to do their work right after accepting the invitation without any further request or waiting time to be successfully added to a team.


  • TestOps now enables you to add test cases to test suites directly from the Test Case table and Test Case details page. This improved feature aids you in quickly organizing your test suites when they have the most knowledge from test cases, reducing the time needed to generate value in the Test Suite creation process and boosting workflow productivity.

Project First Project - Test Suites - Katalon TestOps (1)

  • The delete function of the G4 TestOps Test Suite has been updated to align with the new mechanism already in use for Cloud Studio test suites. With this latest update, we have:
    • Relocated the Delete button to the meatballs menu,
    • Updated the UI for the confirmation dialog.

Project First Projec

  • On the Katalon Platform, the ‘Download KS’ button will now redirects you to the ‘Download Katalon Studio’ page on our website. This ensures that you will always have access to the latest version of Katalon Studio and it centralizes the download resources of Katalon.

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