[New Release] Katalon Platform Updates - November 9, 2022

Hi Community members :wave:,

As you may aware, we launched the new modern and comprehensive Katalon Platform on September [Breaking News] The new Katalon Platform :tada: . Going forward, we would like to announce all releases with Module format (Plan, Author, Organize, Execute, Analyze and optional Administer). In this release note, we would like to share:

Organize (Test Management)

New features

  • [Onboarding flow]:
    • Set up a sample project for the new register


  • On the navigation bar:
    • Removed the View Demo Site button
  • On the Test Execution page:
    • Removed the Schedule Sample Test Run button
  • On the Profile menu:
    • Removed the “Quick Guide” button

Bug fixed

  • Fixed HTML injection issues
  • [Onboarding flow]:
    • Set up a sample project for the new register


New features:

  • Team Owner/ Team Admin can edit Project Name in Project Management: This is a requested feature from our customer so that they can manage their resources effectively.
  • Account Owner/Account Admin can assign KSE/KRE licenses right after sending invitations to new users. This lets the Account Owner/Account Admin assign KSE/ KRE licenses before new users accept the invitation.
  • Users can go to Welcome Page from their Profile Page, which simplifies user navigation.


  • Guidelines are available for users when they reach the limit of the Katalon Platform quota so they can update their subscription plan accordingly.
  • Users can delete their Account if they do not have any subscriptions or cancel auto-renewal. This improvement helps users manage their resources effectively.
    • We deployed the Delete Account feature in v2.0.2: Users cannot Delete their Accounts when they have subscriptions or canceled the auto-renewal but haven’t met the expiry date.
    • In v2.0.4: Users can delete their Accounts if they have canceled subscriptions, even if they haven’t met their expiry date.

Bugs fixed:

  • Removed the wrong name and wrong quota of Katalon Platform for the Free tier when they were in the trial plan.
  • Fixed bugs that are relevant to Assign Licenses and Inviting User flows

Thank you and happy testing to everyone!
Katalon Community.

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Here is also a link to the Katalon Platform Documentation area: About Katalon Platform | Katalon Docs