[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Dec 20, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are releasing the December 20, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform with the following changes and enhancements:


New features

Project Management and Team Level Removal:

We have introduced an updated structure where multiple Projects now directly belong to an Organization instead of a Team that is under the Organization. In the previous structure, the Team level is only able to manage the membership for projects, so the new structure makes a ‘Project’ become a more valuable level under the Organization.

You now only need to manage the memberships at the Project level while working on ‘Projects’ in other Katalon products while enjoying more and greater Project features. With this new intuitive Project Management list page, you can have an overview of all projects that are allowed to access and take necessary actions.


  • Invite multiple members to multiple projects: The Organization Owner and the Admins can invite multiple members to multiple projects. This new feature also allows you to invite new users who have not joined the organization yet, which saves a lot of time and steps for them.

  • Auto transfer the Project Owner to the Organization Owner: When the Project Owner is removed from an organization (in User Management), the ownership of that user in all projects will be transferred to the Organization Owner. This new feature helps the offboarding process of organizations to be easier and more seamless.

  • Allow Account/Org Owner/Admin to view all Projects under their Organization: This change in roles and permissions allows higher-level roles to oversee their organization’s usage and well control the structure of their organization.

:information_source: :mega: Please note that there will be a transition period from Dec 20 to Dec 22, 2023 in order for TestOps to be updated to take advantage of this feature. For more information, please see this topic: [System Update] Katalon TestOps - Dec 20 to Dec 22, 2023


  • Improve the access control of Project Management: The feature is only shown to those users who are permitted to access Project Management to avoid the confusing case where Project Management appears in the menu for some roles that are not allowed to access, and then when the user enters it, the forbidden page displays.

  • Enable SSO per user by default: When an Organization successfully sets up the Custom Domain and SSO in Security Settings, the login option of all users is to enable login with SSO and disable username/password in the custom domain, which reduces the time of configuring the SSO login option for each user in the Organization.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our Documentations at: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs


  • We have introduced a new page on TestOps - Organization Setup. This page brings together various organization properties including test environments, TrueTest configuration, and more. It offers you a convenient way to directly configure your organization properties from within the TestOps page.

  • Test environments have been shifted to the Organization Level, allowing you to establish test environments and assign them to appropriate projects without constraints from the Team Level. From now on, you can create and modify test environments by visiting the Organization Setup page and completing your tasks at the Organization Level.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our Documentations at: Create a local test environment with an Agent | Katalon Docs

Katalon - Katalon TestOps


  • We have removed Team level as part of our updated structure mentioned above.

    • We have removed TeamId in TestCloud tunnel and TestCloud agent.
    • Thus, when executing tests in TestCloud environments or using TestCloud tunnel, no detail related to Team is required.
  • We have been continuously improving the performance of TestCloud tunnel.

  • Now, TestCloud will retry for a maximum number of 5 times until it sends the status to TestOps successfully.

    • Period of time between retries: 2x , where x represents the retry number and can take values from 1.


  • We have added tracking event for Link Defect

  • We have made some changes below as part of our updated structure mentioned above:

    • We have removed the step Setup Local Agent setup of Katalon Platform Onboarding at Dashboard page.
    • We have removed the Local Environment section in the Project Dashboard.
    • Save project_id when creating file_handle.
    • We have added indexes to support removing Team level migration.

:information_source: To see our past releases, simply navigate to the new-release tag, or visit our Katalon Community Hub.