Scripts in test suite fail due to scripts running too fast

This is an issue I’ve noticed recently once I upgraded to the latest version of Katalon.

I am testing on the Salesforce system, and I have a test suite I run to do that. However, after upgrading to the latest version of Katalon, I’ve noticed almost all of the tests in the suite keep failing in different places when I run the test suite, seemingly because Katalon flies through the scripts rather than waiting for the element on the page to be present. However when I run the tests individually, they pass.

I’ve had to constantly add delays before random steps, every time I run the suite, otherwise the tests break. Bearing in mind I already had waits in all of the scripts

This is really frustrating to have to keep going in and add more delay steps constantly just for the test suite because I spend so much time on it. It almost doesn’t even feel worthwhile using the tool anymore because of the frequency of the failures.

Can somebody advise if there is anything I can do about this?

Are you using Smart Wait?

Thanks! I disabled it and test scripts actually stop when running through the suite.

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Did the smart wait resolved the issue?