Slowness in the test execution [Katalon sutio 7.9.1]

The browser i am using is Chrome. The extreme slowness started after updating the new version,
it’s unimaginably to see it. so sometimes the test fails because of this latency.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem and fixed it?

thank you !

Hi @ferrariklersone,

The slowness can be for many reasons.
Maybe you can try to disable smart wait and check.
Also you need to provide more details when raising issues. Your tests fails we understand but what is the error, what is actually failing and where. You have recording in the reports check them and maybe then you will get some clues.

how to disable smart wait ?

When i said test fails, it mean the test blocked, and katalon returns error such as impossible to click on the button .

thank you for reply!

Hi @ferrariklersone,
For these types of questions I would recommend reviewing Katalon documentation, for example: