Scheduled tests are remaining in "Queued" status and never executing

I scheduled several suites and suite collections yesterday and none of them executed. After a few hours I canceled all but one suite, and that suite is still in queued status this morning.

In the Test Run List view, the status is “running”.

When clicking on its configuration number, the status is “queued”.

These same test suites were executed as expected when scheduled last week. I compared the Katalon Command Arguments and they’re exactly the same.

My script repo is up to date and refreshed.
The path to my tests has not changed.
My local agent is online.
Katalon Studio runs the suite and sends the report to TestOps without issue.

What steps can I take to resolve this?

Are there any Katalon devs who can give support on this?

No, you should not expect any Katalon devs to be present here in “User Forum”, though sometimes they are actually.

If you are a paying user, you can sumbit a ticket addressed to the Katalon Support section at