Unable to schedule on Katalon TestOps

Good Morning,

I am having the same issue reported in: Unable to lookup existing Test Suite when scheduling a test run, however there was no solution.

From Katalon studio when I click the Schedule on Katalon TestOps I receive

In TestOps, I cannot see my suite collection

I did update my script

I tried again and received the same results

I do not have subfolders in my /Test Suites folder

Is the enterprise license required? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @davina.meyer,

Apologize for the late reply.
This might be caused due to the capacity of queue jobs when creating schedule test run. As you create “Schedule test run” in Studio, it will accordingly create a script repos & a schedule/ test run type in TestOps. Sometime the queue is long, resulting in error creating Schedule/ Test Run Type as the Test Suite Collection cannot be found immediately yet. Please wait for some time & check again, it should be parsed successfully.
If the problem persists, please share with us your recordings/ reproduction steps as well as your repository ID. You can find your repository ID here:

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Thank you for the response. I was able to resolve the issue. I had 2 .prj files in my folder.

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