Test suite collections "queued" and never run on Test cloud


We want to run our existing test suites and test suite collections on the test cloud.
Sometimes, it starts and runs immediately and provides results, but otherwise it remains in a “queued” status.

Our subscription is for 1 session, so we always make sure that we don’t have concurrent sessions, but even in this case, the run is in a “queued” status when started from the interface, sometimes for several hours.

Furthermore, since we want to integrate it into our own CI/CD pipeline, we would trigger the execution by calling rest on the interface provided by you Create and trigger an execution, but this is always stays in “queued” status.

Anyone has met this anomalies before?


I know nothing about TestOps but I can see that your case will require Katalon technical staff to be involved. This User forum would not be very helpful for you.

Possibly you are a paying customer, so you should make a support request to them:


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This is the General Behaviour of TestCloud, we have encountered these issues long before. if your configuring and using windows based VM for test executions in test cloud, use the Linux based VM. it would be faster.

  1. Windows VM → Takes 5-8 Mins to Spin up the servers and start the actual test executions.
  2. Linux VM → Takes less than 1 min to spin up the server and start the actual test executions.

Also try to use the last stable Browser version i.e. Google Chrome 107.

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Thank you! I wrote a letter to support@katalon.com as well!

Hi David, I am facing the same issue. Did you find any solution to this problem?

You have to open a ticket, or write to support@katalon.com. Our problem had to solved on that way. We did not fix anything, they did :smiley: