Scheduled test runs remain 'in progress'

Good morning,

My colleague and I are still fairly new to test automation, and Katalon, so we’re still figuring out how things work.

We’ve just learnt how to schedule tests in TestOps but when they run them, the tests never passes or fails. It just says ‘This test run is in progress’.

Can anyone please explain why is this happening? I feel like we’re missing something but no idea what it could be.

Just FYI, we’re still on the trial version of Katalon but I’m not sure if this would make any difference.

Thank you in advance.

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue.

could anyone support ? Thanks

I also have the same issue. The loading spinner never ends.

Same problem…

Is there a solution for this “This test run is in progress.” message ?

What wrong with Katalon Analytics ?

Hi! I have the same problem…

Is there any solution?