Scheduled a test run to run "now" and in the future, fail to move past "queued" status.

I have been able to many times get the TestCloud to executive the tests before but since yesterday they just continuously sit in the “Queued” status and never begin no matter if I start it “now” or schedule it for the future. There are no errors shown and the log is empty. I don’t see any other sessions running and I have stopped all others that I had seen that were stuck.

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I have this kind of problem too.

other sessions not running

cc: , @Jass maybe can help.


Hi @matt.whitaker and @alief, thank you for letting us know about your issues.

We’ve report this back to our internal teams and will get back to you soon. Thanks for your patience :+1:

Hi folks,

Please let us know if your test runs have been out of the “queued” status or not. At the moment, our support team recommends you to try rescheduling the test 1-2 hours later to see if the problem persists, and provide us with the error log if possible.

Should you still run into the same issue, we’ll escalate this to our product team. Thanks

I am still not able to get it to run as a Windows environment and there are no logs that I can send because it is empty and just never starts. Linux and MacOS run instantly.

Hi Thanh, can you have a look at this user’s issue? Thanks!