Repository Name Changes without any Interruptions


The Test Object name is displayed correctly in the Katalon UI but automatically changed in the back-end of the project and in the recorded script. May I know why the name changes without any interruptions.

Please find the screenshots:
Repository name in Katalon UI:

Repository name in back-end:

Repository name in script:

Kindly help me to find the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Divya_T,

I dont know if I understood this right but, The name of the objects is not the way the (for example) input field is called by katalon its only the name you saved while recording.
When you double click the object it will open and you can see most likely the xpath its using for this object.

Hope i was able to help you!

Hi @danzaaa98

May I know the reason why the post has been withdrawn.

We are facing the issue and we could not able to find the root cause for the change of repository name.

Kindly provide a solution for the above issue.

I misunderstood your problem and my answer didnt really make sense, so i deleted it