Object Repository Identification


In our application , on recording when ‘Save’ button is clicked the id of the button is taken along with label text located above the button though they are present in difference divs(tags).

Please find the below screenshot

This is difficult to identify when object repository holds long characters
Object Repository: “Object Repository/Page_ - Country/input_Note Visitor from this country shall be allowed for Visitor Sign-In Process_but_save”

Whereas for other screens the object repository is given below
Object Repository/Page_- Currency/input_Exchange Rate_But_Save

Hello @Divya_T

I would suggest you to create this manually create this object and then use in the test case.

You can always just rename the object in the Object Repository to a shorter name. The system should automatically update any instance of that objects use in test cases.

Thanks for your reply @Keith_Leishman @manpreet.mukkar

But we cant able to rename Test Object.
Please find the screenshot


@Divya_T Is the new name more than 250 Characters ? Including the file path ?

@manpreet.mukkar No, I am getting this issue for all saved repositories while renaming

And I am facing this issue in Katalon version 6.1.0

Note: By renaming the object repository, alert is displayed and by the time if we close the katalon and open again, renaming is done and it not reflects in scripts

In previous versions, while renaming an object, project gets hanged

Thanks you so much for your reply @manpreet.mukkar

@Divya_T There is a new version available for Katalon, If you can upgrade to that and then see if it still happens.

I think we would need to loop Katalon Dev team in this.

Hi @manpreet.mukkar

Still I am facing the above mentioned issue in katalon v6.3.1 .

Kindly fix the above mentioned issue as we are automating the huge application using katalon studio.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Divya_T

Please provide us the log file when saving test object error occurs. The log is available under Help > Error Log.

Cheers !

Hi @ThanhTo

Thanks for your reply.

I have attached the log file.log.log (9.5 KB)