Repository name on windows recording


We are using Katalon studio of v7.4.0

While recording the actions using windows recorder, name of the repositories are created as “Button/Button(1)/Edit(1)

But while recording the web and mobile applications, repositories name will be recorded based on the text of the field and it is easy for identifcation.

In windows, unable to find the repository based on the names. Is there any possibility to capture the names of the repository?

FYR, screenshot of windows repositories and scripts.

Kindly share your suggestions to identify the repositories recorded or this will be manual activity for us to be carried out on whole application.

Thanks in advance.


Is there any update on the above point.

We are doing manual activities to overcome the above issue.

Suggest us the possible solution to proceed.


Hi @Divya_T,

We’re working on a feature that will allow you to define your own test object name based on your custom pattern. This feature will first target the web’s test object but then will continue to implement for mobile and desktop too.

Below is the mockup of the feature.

~ After all, sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to bring good things to you as soon as possible. /=)

~ Thanks

Steps to Reproduce
Clone a repo.
Clone it again into a new folder.
If the issue involves a specific public repository, including the information
about that repository will make it is easier to recreate the issue.

If you think screenshots or a GIF recording will help demonstrate the issue
better, feel free to add them here.

Expected behavior: Change the label that shows in the application for the repo.

Actual behavior: No way to change the repo label.

Reproduces how often: Every time.