Reloading plugins results in 404 Not Found


I have been having a lot of trouble reloading my plugins. I recently updated from Katalon 6.2.1 to 6.3.3, and I made sure my proxy settings were correct and I had a valid API key. Here is the stack trace generated when I attempt to reload the Basic Report plugin (with a fake email address substituted for my own):

Error reloading plugins
com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.ReloadPluginsException: Unexpected error occurs during executing reload plugins under account: credential:, endpoint:
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.reloadPlugins(
	at com.kms.katalon.composer.handlers.ReloadPluginsHandler$
Caused by: com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.KStoreClientExceptionWithInfo: Unexpected error occurs during executing get latest plugins
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.KStoreRestClient.getLatestPlugins(
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.fetchLatestPlugins(
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.reloadPlugins(
	... 2 more
Caused by: com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.KStoreClientException: Invalid Request. Status Code: 404. Message: Not Found
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.KStoreRestClient.executeGetRequest(
	at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.KStoreRestClient.getLatestPlugins(
	... 4 more

Does anyone have any ideas why I am receiving 404 Not Found as a status code? Is there a settings file I need to check?

Having same exact issue with 6.3.3 and above. I had to downgrade back to 6.2.x continue using my valid apikeys. It looks like for 6.3.3 and above it’s looking for a non-existent apikey validation server different from what is used for 6.2.x.

Hi @michael.hollander,
Do you use Katalon Studio in GUI mode or console mode? If in GUI mode, how can you reload with API key?

I use it in GUI mode, but even if the API key is not relevant, I am still receiving the 404 Not Found error. I could downgrade to an earlier version if this is a verified bug.

Hello everyone,

Katalon Studio 7.0.6 is available. Please upgrade and see if you still encounter this bug.


It is working properly in version 7.0.6