Installed plugin but reload plugins doesn't work


I’m using KS version 6.1.5. I have installed the Basic Report plugin. Within KS, under the “Plugin Store” dropdown at the top right of the UI, the options “Reload Plugins”, “Manage Plugins” and “Manage API keys” result in “Problem Occurred” messages (like the screenshot below).



@devalex88 please have a look. Thanks


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Please try reactivate your Katalon Studio.


Unfortunately this hasn’t fixed the problem. I deleted the file, relaunched KS, reactivated KS, but “reload plugins” and “manage plugins” still shows the “problem occurred” message (see screenshot below from “manage plugins”.


I see there’s a “Plugin” menu item with an option to “Install Plugin”. Can I download the jar file (from github?) to my local PC and install the plugin I need (Basic Reports) that way?


Hi @michaelsutherland
Please send the error log. You can find it under Help > Error Log


Worked! I was able to solve the issue following this recommendation


This resolved my issue of not reloading plugin