Not able to Reload Plugin

Hello Guys ,

I am not able to reload plugin. Its gives me below error.
Note: Its the first time i m trying this feature

What version of Katalon are you running? @shalini.verma


Are you behind a corporates proxy?

@Funkey - I am using 6.3.3 version of Katalon

@Kazurayam yes. But have tried setting up proxy and reloading plugin…still getting error.

Attaching the screenshot of the error that i m getting after setting up proxy.

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You have made a progress. You can find the following line in the error message:

Caused by: com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.KStoreClientException: Invalid Request. Status Code: 400. Message: Bad Request

This line indicates that your KS sent a HTTP request, the server received it, and the server responded something back to the HTTP client (=Katalon Studio). The proxy setting is valid and working. Proxy is not annoying you any longer.

But why “Bad Request”? — well, I do not know.

@kazurayam: Imanually tried accessing the url given in the error log . Its showing {“message”:“Unauthorized”}.

Can u please suggest what could be the issue and how can we resolve it?

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I don’t know anything about this URL.
Katalon Team should be able to answer to your question.
-> @devalex88, @ThanhTo

just a guess … ‘unauthorized’ may be caused by missing api key? or any other credentials? no idea how katalon store api is implemented.
for experimenting with rest api’s, better use a public one, e.g.

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@devalex88, @ThanhTo

Any update on this. I am stuck over here. Not able to use your reporting plugin.

Getting attached error when tried to reload plugin from Command prompt.cmd

Please help

Possibly you need to read this.