Record and spy web not working

I installed the last version and try to spy or record web on windows 64 but not working
record and spy for mobile working successfully

Can you please be more specific on what the issue is that you are getting

Hi @mmariann103

Could you press Ctrl + Shift + I on the browser opened by Katalon Studio, switch to the log console and give me the screenshot right there ? I think it’s a problem with the version of browser, could you also give us the version number of browser and Katalon Studio ?

Regards !

Chrome version number is 72.0.3626.96
Katalon version number is 5.10.1

Thank you for the report. We’ve made some improvements in 6.1.0. If possible could you please help us verify this issue?

still exist

I am also encountering an error with spy web since upgrading to version 6.1.2, but I think it was working when I first upgraded. I don’t know what changed to cause it to fail.

I can’t get past clicking “start”.

When I try to run with chrome I get a notification saying chrome must be between 70 and 73. I am running 74.

When I try with firefox I get an error with no message.

Firefox 65.0.1
Mac OSX 10.14.2
Chrome 74.0.3729.131
Firefox 65.0.1
Katalon Studio 6.1.2

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Hi @lbk,

Please update Katalon Studio to v6.1.4.


Thank you @duyluong the upgrade to 6.1.4 resolved the issue with chrome, though firefox is still throwing the error popup. The firefox browser opens, but it doesn’t navigate to the given url and the spy functions are not active.

All good now with Chrome though. Thank you.

Please make sure your Firefox is updated (this last weekend, they destroyed themselves in what can only be called a catastrophic f*ckup).

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Hi @lbk,

Please update your Firefox to the latest version (v66.0.5) to prevent this issue.


Not the whole story by any means, but the reaction, anyway…

Thanks @Russ_Thomas and @duyluong. Updating Firefox did the trick!

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