Record Web/Spy Web feature not working

Record Web/Spy Web feature was not not working for me with version 6.1.2

Internet Explorer - 11
Test steps are not captured in the ‘Recorded Action’ window while navigating through pages.

Try updating to latest version of Katalon which is 6.1.5.

We would need some more info about which steps you see not getting recorded.

I had installed Katalon on my workplace so changing/upgrading the version on immediate basis will not be possible.

Only step which is getting recorded is ‘Open Browser’ and ‘Close Browser’ that too without any value i.e for Open browser its not even capturing the url.

Is there a place where I can and get the logs to see the actual issue ?. Please help me here.

OS:Windows 10 64bit

Katalon version:

Browser:IE 11

Are you try with the latest version(6.1.5)? It ready on the website:

Sorry I will not be able to install that version immediately on my workplace. Is there any workaround to go with the current version

@arulrajj Is your website only compatible with IE ? Did you tried on Google Chrome ?