5.1.0 Problem: Spy Web can't launch browser

Running Katalon Studio version 5.1.0. I’m always getting an error message when trying to launch a browser from the Object Spy window. This happens with IE, Chrome and Firefox, all of which are installed on my workstation.

“Unable to launch the web browser. Please make sure the selected browser is installed on your machine and try again.”

I can still use Record Web properly and test cases also run just fine. For what it’s worth, Spy Web used to work before upgrading from version 4.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

When do you download and active 5.1? Please re-download it once and see if there are any issues as I’ve applied a small patch ealier

Thanks Vinh! Spy Web is now working.

As you suggested, I downloaded and installed again and the problem is solved.