Cannot Record nor Spy

Katalon studio was working fine until this morning when I booted up my computer. Recording and spying stopped working.

I got the following error message.

I tried re-installing Katalon Studio, my Chrome browser and restarted by computer. By re-installing my Chrome browser, it worked for a while but the error happened again. I’m still unable to record or spy.

Any help would be appreciated!

I saw another post here about chrome driver and “renderer” - try search. If this is google updating and messing with you, you won’t be alone, their bug reporting site (sorry not sure about the URL) will be overloaded with complaints already.

IOW, you might just need to wait it out or go search for answers at their site. Meanwhile, switch to Firefox and keep going.

I found the problem for Chrome.
For some reason, the file “chrome_setup.js” is missing. It can be found using this path: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Desktop\\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.10.0\configuration\resources\extensions\Chrome\Object Spy\KR\katalon

I used a copy from the ZIP file.

HOWEVER, I also cannot Record or Spy using FIREFOX. I have this error below when I try to Spy or Record.

Which version of Katalon?

I wanted to use 5.10.1 but the recorder and spy did not work, so I use 5.10.0 instead

Moreover, the file “chrome_setup.js” keeps going missing. I really don’t know why. Firefox still has the same error I have posted above.

In the end, I took the files from the downloaded ZIP File and transferred all files from it into where I saved my Katalon folder. Added in all missing files and left out the files that already existed in the folder. Turns out, I had many files missing (no idea how that happened) and since then, everything is working fine.

Glad you got it working. And great you posted back!

I’ll close this topic.